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I absolutely love this game

I instantly fell in love with this game when I started playing it. Im sad that I got to the end but it was such an amazing experience for me.


Great for everyone!!!

Great game

I rarely write reviews, but this one deserves it. The 5 star ratings are accurate. The stunning scenery and gameplay are amazing, and the challenging and unintuitive puzzles make this game a joy to open and continue playing. I had to use the manual a couple times for hints when I was utterly baffled at the next step (like you have all the right stuff you just dont know which room to be in to complete the challenge properly), but for the most part all puzzles are solvable given enough thought. You can complain about the cost, but the production quality made it well worth it. Similar to Monument Valley, the game is rather short, but the puzzles are tough enough that you wont complete the game in one sitting, took me a week of occasional playtime. I would love to see a sequel, or additional gameplay after you save Grandad, like some team challenges for rebuilding the city or expanding the city now that all is well or something, now that the torch has been passed to Lumi!


I love the music, the illustration and the concept. I wish I could read the text. I think you would do best playing this game on an iPad.

Really enjoyed this game

Great puzzle game with beautiful artistic and sound design.

Super creative game!

This game is amazing. Fun puzzles and awesome scenery that that is all real scenery! The creator built the scenery in real life and you play in the world, so freaking cool. My only qualm is the test is a little too small on the screen. But that hasnt stopped me playing and hasnt really affected me. Game is great!


Love this game. The puzzles are just obtuse enough to be realistic. Life doesnt come with an instruction book and neither should great games.


Absolutely beautifully done.

This is like the Best puzzle game ever this animation its so cool.

Waste of money


Gorgeous design, beautifully planned out

Love it so far. Thank you for such a carefully put together world!

Visually stunning point and click game

Quite enjoying this one

Beautiful game

The game is great! Puzzles are challenging. Just started but so far Im loving it!

Beautiful and creative

Im really loving the art style and the cute little miniature sets. The puzzles are quite intriguing as well. We need more games like this! Well done!

Wonderful game

Totally worth the money! Love this game!

Better then sex

Amazing game beautiful graphics amazing story worth the money


Great game! good challenges! definitely not to easy. wish there were more games like it.

Excellent piece of art

Love the artwork and the plot

Beautiful game

My new favorite!

Fun beautiful game!!!

This game is worth the 5 bucks I spent on it. Its so fun and gorgeous I dont want to put it down.

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