Lumino City App Reviews

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This not only a fun and beautyfull game but it is a wonderfull piece of art ! WOW ! My prefered game ever on my iPhone


Beautifully quirky and well designed


Best game Ive ever played

Beautiful game!

So creative and pretty!

Fantastic pictures

Nice to have this slr like pics in hand made games!


I love this game

It is not opening

I paid and downloaded the game, but it is not playing... Everytime I press start, start for 2 sec and exit the game...

Update error

He game is not updating since the past review. Before, while playing, its a great game.

Amazing and beautiful

This is the most amazing and beautiful game I tried in ages. Recommend to everyone!

Beautiful BUT

I got stuck in the beginning. Could not go beyond the circuits and the lemons.


Unbelievably beautiful and intelligent . A new step for smartphone games . Congrats !!!



Amazing game

Brilliant (handmade) graphics, music and sound effects matching each setting, great fun to play. Yet, some levels are quite difficult to solve.


This is such a lovely game. I appreciate the effort you put in this nice world and its just a awesome piece of art. Big up to you guys! Creativity rocks. Buy! No doubt!

Too many HUGE updates

The game is fun. But you cant issue 2.2gb updates every three days!!

Innovative and unique

Great game, incredible idea of building a game on top of real handcrafted models. Beautiful music and game environment. Buy it.

Superb game

Absolutely amazing experience.


Im very impressed. Very cute city, challenging game play, very cool puzzles. An absolute 100% perfect game. PLEASE more of this.

Beautiful made

Nice soundtrack, well made animations and a little girl looking for her Granddad in a colorful world.

Keep crashing on my iPad 2

Any suggestions ?

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